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About Me

Since I was in grade school, I have had an interest in photography.  I still find photos I took on my old 110 camera.  It gives me a chance to remember where I was 30 years ago, and amazes me how much has changed in that time.  While they may be simple pictures of cars, trees, family, friends, pets, wildlife and several fingers and toe that snuck into the shot, it is still a part of my history.

I started developing my business in 2005, when I was selling photographs at a craft show in my old home town of Williamston, MI.  The following year I produced some of my own work and struggled with a name for my future business.  I decided to utilize my not-very-common last name "Drouillard", which means "one who lives in/near an oak grove".  Although this is an old French name, my interests lie more in my Irish heritage.  In removing half of the letters from my last name, the word "Druid" is left.  And so, Druid Oaks Photography was born.  In 2008, I made the business official.

After starting my business, I found that a good portion of the work I was performing was in the PC repair/upgrade category.  Having worked with PCs since 1993, as well as a few years of employment with Gateway, I have become quite popular with my friends and family when all is not well in Computerland.  I have reconstructed two of my own PCs, and my office relies upon two PCs that I built (though not entirely from scratch).

I currently reside in Grand Rapids, MI.  My oldest daughter is showing an interest in photography and I hope that she and her little sister will one day assist me to make this a family business.  Between my daughters and our houseful of cats, I get plenty of practice photographing life's most precious moments.

In late 2010, I decided to officially create my website in hopes of meeting new people and offering them my services.  I am very competitive in my pricing, because I do not believe that preserving memories should be a financial burden.

Thank you for visiting my website! 


Michael J Drouillard
Email: michael@druidoaksphotography.com

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